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David Zauber

David can perform as a Close Up Magician, after dinner Cabaret Magician and Mind Reader.


David's award winning sleight of hand magic leaves spectators wondering what happened to reality! Playing cards, coins and otherMagician London everyday objects defy the laws of nature right in front of their eyes!


Traditional comedy magic at its best! Lots of audience involvement, laughter and strong magic. Magic and humour for adults, but no blue or offensive material. This after dinner cabaret has left audiences everywhere both amused and amazed!


In an after dinner cabaret act that is very, very different, David demonstrates his unusual and unique ability to read peoples thoughts, predict their actions and control their choices.

No elaborate props or mysterious boxes are used, just the minds and imagination of the audience

Telepathy, ESP, Clairvoyance? Who knows! This unusual combination of dry humour and powerful mental magic ensures a memorable evening.

MagicianWatching Davidís ĎMindSpyí cabaret is one thing, describing it is quite another.

Although David specifically states that he isnít a psychic or a clairvoyant, after a few minutes you can see that the audience isnít at all sure! After a few more minutes, they arenít sure of anything anymore!

Describing himself as a ĎPsychological Entertainerí or a "Mental Illusionist", David seems to have the uncanny ability to tell the spectators exactly what they are thinking, from their pet's names to their shoe size!

Non-verbal Communication, Psychology, Suggestion, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Body Language all play a part in a cabaret act that is very, very different.  David takes the audience on a tour of the impossible, reading their thoughts, influencing their choices and planting suggestions in their minds!

David has a wonderfully dry sense of humour and a very quick wit. One minute the audience are laughing, the next minute they canít - because their jaws have dropped in astonishment! Amusing and amazing.

Audience involvement is an important feature and itís nice to see how David treats the participants. Everyone is treated with respect, no one is humiliated or embarrassed. Spectators want to get involved.

Despite being a very experienced entertainer and a highly respected magician, this act took David over five years of painstaking work to perfect - and it shows.

During the many years spent refining the MindSpy cabaret act, David has excelled at the performance of  'Close Up' magical entertainment, for which he has won a number of awards from within the magic fraternity itself and has been called by fellow magicians  " a master of close up magic".

Included in these awards is the achievement of 'Gold Star' membership of the Medway Magic Society, only the second time it has been awarded in the 55 year history of the society.

If you're not familiar with 'Close Up' magic, it's the most demanding and technically difficult type of magic performance there is.

Forget what you have seen on television or stage, in fact, forget what you think you know about reality!

With 'Close Up' magic there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide! In the subtle hands of David Zauber playing cards, coins and other everyday objects defy the laws of nature, literally right in front of your eyes!

Close Up is at the cutting edge of modern magic and is unique in its ability to make the spectators confront the impossible, then completely lose their grip on reality!

David Zauberís award winning sleight of hand magic is suitable for almost any occasion where people get together; corporate events, exhibition stands, open days, hospitality suites, formal dinners, weddings, birthdays, dinner parties, hotels, nightclubs & restaurants.

 The success of the show depends very much upon the audience being able to hear David clearly . For an audience of over 30 people a good sound system is a must.  The venue or DJ should be approached and permission obtained to allow David access to their sound/PA system.  David provides his own microphones.

A performing area 8' x 10' is ideal, lit at least as well as the rest of the room and preferably exclusive to David's performance.  Six chairs should be placed to the rear of the performing area.

For an audience over about 80 people, a low platform with steps is recommended. The platform should be at approximately 8' x 10' x 1'.  David is able to work from a full size stage, but the performance is less intimate.

People should not be seated behind, or at the sides of the performing area. They will not be able to see the show properly. Tables should be located as close to the front of the performing area as possible.

The best time to schedule the performance is after dessert/coffee has been served.  This ensures the full attention of the audience with no distractions from the waiting staff.

If you would like David to perform close up table magic during the dinner, there are no special requirements.


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